About Us

MBD Group is a pioneer investor in various prosperous sectors. One of many are the real estate, project management and food and beverage industries. With peculiar specialization in developing high-profile megamalls, MBD climbed the ladder of the industry and managed to be an industry leader in no time. By committing to partnering with you, MBD group develops investments that adapt and succeed in an ever-growing market environment, making MBD group able to create projects that exceed the highest of goals and break through your expectations and that of your organization.

MBD Group has been pushing all known business boundaries and operating successfully for more than two decades in a highly competitive industry environment. Established in 2011 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, MBD Group acquisitioned many small companies and grew to become one of the most prominent holding groups that established well known projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MBD Group doesn’t only invest in the real estate sector, but also the food and beverage sector, establishing many successful strategic alliances with elite Kingdom-based companies along the way. MBD Group is always on the go exploring new opportunities that have high profit potential in an ever-growing business and market environments.MBD's most recent success was the proposition of Riyadh Park, a Megamall and landmark in the flourishing city of Riyadh.

Our consistent successes have been achieved through richly experienced and talented staff members. With our staff’s expertise and experience, including one of our owners who is a Harvard University and a MIT consultant for the Middle Eastern investments and the only Saudi representative, our resources ensure that our company alongside with our shareholders indulge in consistent growth in the short and long term.

Above all, MBD Group is committed to being a part of Saudi’s Vision 2030 and constantly works to establish the highest of accomplishments in business and ethical standards whilst putting society first at all times to become part of the future global investment powerhouse.

MBD Provides innovative project management and planning services to cater your needs. We are highly adherent to our time plans and budgets as shown before no matter how massive the project is. MBD group is a collaborative guide to the project’s execution and management. We are goal-oriented, tailored within a preset of resources.

OUR Vision

To be the leading holding group and investment destination in the region.

OUR Mission

Creating projects that exceed the highest of goals and breaks through your expectations and that of your organization whilst deploying the highest of business and ethics standards.

Our Companies

Baseel Properties Co.

The Real Estate Company is concerned with establishing new projects and property management. Baseel Real Estate owns Riyadh Park.

Sahat Property Management

Manages Real Estate in Makkah for Jabal Omar

Al Nakheel International Dates Company

Owns more than 400,000 palm trees, producing 3,000,000 tons yearly.

Basic Coffee Company

Specializes in producing a diverse of distinguishable tastes of coffee and Kark tea to satisfy our variety of GCC customers.

Asas Al Tatweer Co.

The company is concerned with Real Estate investments in the Holy city of Makkah.

Taraf Group

Operates and deals with Real Estate Investments.

Gheras Group

A company working in the agricultural investments sector and runs the Al Nakheel International Dates company: a company that produces 9 million tons annually.

Investment sectors

General Investments
Development and Real Estate Investment
Food and Beverage

Our Projects

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